My daughter, Annie, was born a neuro-typical child. She was happy and she hit every milestone on time or early… until she turned two years old. It is my belief that the combination of vaccinations, rotavirus, salmonella, a brown recluse spider bite, and the toxic world we live in caused her to regress into what the world labels “autism.” Unwilling to accept this as our fate, I made it my mission to help her recover. We tried everything – GFCF diet, SCD diet, rotation diet, eliminating food sensitivities, supplements, MB12 shots, hyperbaric oxygen therapy, OSR chelation therapy, glutathione, high dose IV vitamin C, and nutrigenomics. While I saw some gains, they did not last. We were always taking one step forward only to take two steps back. The treatments caused too much detox too fast… my daughter’s weakened immune system was not able to handle the flood of toxins. Her behavior and health got worse. After a trip to the grocery store, where the check out lady asked me if my daughter was being treated for cancer, I knew something had to change.

Annie’s fifth birthday rolled around and I hit the worst depression of my life. When she regressed I had made an imaginary deadline in my head that Annie had to be healed by the time she was five or it was all over for us. She was nowhere near healed when she was five. This is when Jen came into my life through divine intervention. It was at just the right time. Many people in my life were trying to convince me I needed to stop trying to recover Annie and accept the cards that life dealt us. Jen renewed my hope and got both Annie and I back on the path to healing.

Every month, we did homeopathic “clears” where we gave Annie remedies to clear the various health and emotional traumas she had suffered during her life. Every month we saw incredible gains! After two years of steady monthly improvements under Jen’s care: Annie’s OCD and anxiety went away, her verbal stimming became rare, she no longer got sick every other week, her coloring looked better (she looked healthier), the diarrhea went away, she told me she was no longer in pain, Annie was on target academically (except handwriting), she managed to make a few friends, and she was sleeping through the night (AMEN).

We have now been working with Jen for four years and my daughter has experienced even more gains: her bed wetting issue is a thing of the past, she is caught up in handwriting (in fact she would like to be an author as a career), she no longer verbally stims at all, she rarely gets sick, and to the outside world she is a neuro-typical 9-year-old girl. I thank God every day for Jen coming into our lives. She is a gifted healer.



Jen has meant so much to my family. My son was very sick with autoimmune issues, staph, and chronic ear infections. At the age of two, he was showing many signs of being on the spectrum. I spent months trying to get him well with medication, antibiotics, and surgery. Nothing helped. and then I was led to Jen. She educated our family on nutrition and we began taking homeopathic remedies. Within two weeks he was a completely new child! The process of deep healing took longer, however, we had been on almost 9 months of continuous antibiotics, and in six years he has never had another round. He is by far my healthiest child, full of life, and shows no signs any longer of being on the spectrum. I will be forever grateful for Jen’s care and wisdom. I know that if I had not been led to Jen, my son would not be the healthy child he is today.



A year ago, I was basically a prisoner in my own house. I didn’t want to take my son, Brody, anywhere for fear that he would have a melt-down. He constantly argued with me and battled symptoms of OCD and anxiety. He did not seem to be progressing socially. He played by himself at the park or any time other children were around. As a mom, this was extremely hard for me to watch – it broke my heart.

This is when Jen came into my life. My friend had been working with Jen for years and I witnessed, first-hand the tremendous gains in her daughter. I felt like it was time to reach out to Jen and see if she could work the same miracles for my son.

I have now been working with Jen for 7 months. In this time frame, I have already seen incredible changes in my son. The biggest difference is that I am no longer a prisoner in my own house. I can take Brody with me anywhere. He is back to being the sweet, easy-going, big-hearted boy he used to be. The other huge impact in my life is that my son now wants to play with other children. He knows how to interact with them and play imaginary games. His back and forth conversational skills are progressing on a daily basis. I am now able to sit and have an uninterrupted cup of coffee with my girlfriends while the kids play for hours at a time.

I am beyond excited about what the future will hold for Brody now that Jen is in our lives. I believe once again that anything is possible. Jen has restored my hope.



I consider it divine intervention that our paths crossed six years ago. At that time, both of my boys were very ill and suffering from vaccine injury. One child was suffering from chronic constipation, the other had chronic diarrhea, inability to sleep through the night, speech delays, sensory issues, emotional instability, multiple food allergies and sensitivities – and I could go on and on… I was at a complete loss and hit my knees in prayer. God answered my prayers by leading me to your doorstep. I will never forget the actual physical relief that I felt when I first came to you and you told me that you would work with my children. Within a year of working with you monthly, my children recovered their health. They no longer require special diets (although we do continue to eat healthy); they sleep beautifully through the night; bowel movements are normal – essentially our lives have been restored to normal! Now in school, their teachers and other parents consistently remark that my two boys are the smartest, healthiest, best behaved, and most successful children in the classroom. Additionally, we now take care of ourselves differently. I, myself, am a doctor who is trained in Western medicine. Through this experience, however, I now understand that Western medicine does NOT hold the answer for me or my family. We no longer take any medications or need to see any doctors. You have empowered me to take care of my family in a better way. Prior to working with you, my children’s future was uncertain. Now, their futures are limitless! THANK YOU for your work, your knowledge, your prayers, and your love over these past six years.



Working with Jen has transformed my family’s health. My son had recurring ear infections that progressively got worse from age one and a half to four years old. The more antibiotics he took, the longer he took to heal. It was a vicious cycle of medication after medication. Each year, he would have an additional prescription to add to his little body. Being from a medical family, I didn’t know any other way. My mother was a nurse and my father was a surgeon, so I was doing everything I knew how to do, allopathically. When my son turned four, he was diagnosed with asthma and was prescribed an inhaler, breathing treatments, and steroids.

During this time, we lost our family health insurance because of “pre-existing conditions.” It was at that point I had to turn to something else. Jen was teaching a self-care homeopathy class at a local church, and through a number of God-orchestrated events I was invited and was able to attend. Jen taught homeopathy and illustrated the principle that God has made everything in nature for our healing. I was able to learn how to take care of my son with homeopathy and he healed within a month of beginning remedies. He is now fourteen and has not had an antibiotic since he was four. Just like anyone else, he gets an occasional cold or virus, but with the homeopathy skills I gained by taking Jen’s classes and consulting with her at various times, the course of my son’s life was transformed to be productive and healthy.

Our testimony began with my son, and has radiated to all of us. With Jen’s guidance, my daughter’s immune system was strengthened, allowing for healing of a viral skin issue (molluscum) and chronic bacterial infections. I also have experienced tremendous healing that I could not have achieved on the prescription medication path. I had recurring bladder infections and yeast infections starting when I got married at twenty-one. Jen took me through a healing process, clearing toxins and traumas using sequential homeopathy, that brought my body into balance and has strengthened my immune system to where I have not had a recurrence for several years now.

Jen helped me with another health issue as well. It was Christmas Eve and a small rash began to rage and become seriously inflamed over the course of two days. It was at the base of my neck, so I was fearful of the proximity to my brain. I went to a dermatologist and was diagnosed with shingles that had turned into MRSA and was prescribed an antibiotic. Jen encouraged me to continue working with my doctor but was willing to help me better support my immune system. She was calm, confident, and also prayerful as she led me through the healing process. Using various remedies, my body was able to heal itself completely. I never needed to take the antibiotic. I take it for granted that I had MRSA and had complete healing. I have spoken to many people who had surgery and multiple rounds of IV antibiotics for MRSA, and I have witnessed the long-term effects it can have on a person’s health and life, especially when multiple rounds of antibiotics are involved.

Jen has also helped us research alternative homeopathic remedies for my family’s missions work in Africa and guided us with preparations to strengthen our immune systems for potential health risks involved. I am grateful that God has used Jen in our lives in a mighty way. I will forever be grateful for her diligent quest for knowledge and truth in healing and her patience and love to share her God-given gifts to truly allow me and my family to be able to be healthy to serve God and not be in bondage to our health.

Leigh, Texas


I am so grateful to God for Jen. Years ago my daughter suffered with respiratory issues. She had a chronic nighttime cough and repeated croup and Stridor breathing issues. This greatly affected her ability to sleep. Using homeopathy, Jen walked us through the healing process. She knew what to do. And I was amazed at the progress Emily made and maintained. Before working with Jen Emily was shy and introverted, she would hide behind me and was reluctant to connect with new acquaintances. During the healing process her personality began to blossom and the shy behavior faded away with the cough. One thing I appreciated about Jen (and still do), is her heart for you, the client. She listens, she cares, she loves, and she prays for you. She has a knack for knowing and practicing homeopathy, and through the years she has gained even more experience. Her years of experience and her heart for her clients makes Jen such a blessing.



Jenice has been such a blessing to our family! My son was diagnosed with autism at 2 ½ years old and the pediatrician said he may never talk. Shortly after starting homeopathy with Jenice he started talking and his rather sick little body started to heal. We worked with Jenice for over two years and he is now a healthy little boy talking very well and doing wonderful in school!

There are many things I really enjoy about working with Jen, and one of them is that she continues to learn. She seems to always be increasing her knowledge and I feel like she has taught me so much along the way. I also worked with her myself for some pretty uncomfortable digestive issues that really weakened my health and immune system. After just two phone consults with Jen using kinesiology and energy healing techniques I felt better than I had in years. She is such a kind and caring person who I have been blessed to meet in person after working with her over the phone for two years and it was like visiting an old friend!



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