I have developed my own method of healing called Integrative Sequential Healing where I incorporate the following tools:

Applied kinesiology (AK) which is also known as muscle testing, is a method used to get information from the client’s body wisdom. It is a simple procedure that tests energy flow to a muscle, revealing an intimate connection between body and mind. Developed and created by Dr. George Goodheart, D.C. in the 1960s, it is now taught worldwide and used extensively by healing practitioners, doctors and lay individuals. Dr. Goodheart was the first to correlate muscle action/strength with a person’s energy field. Each person has a unique energetic field, often called the energy body or aura. If the field is weakened by the introduction of a physical or non-physical substance, there will be a disruption of energy flow to the body, and thus a very brief weakening of energy to the muscles. Muscle testing involves applying light, steady pressure to a muscle while thinking of or holding the item being tested. Examples of physical substances are: foods, supplements, remedies, body care products); non-physical examples include thoughts, emotions, traumas, limiting beliefs.

Muscle testing can be practiced in person or remotely. In recent years, Quantum Physics has shown that everything in the Universe is connected by a universal field or matrix of energy. Muscle testing can be done remotely by accessing this quantum field with the power of intention. I am able to perform muscle testing remotely for clients through the voice with intuitive questioning. The more specific the question, the more information we can gain from testing. I encourage and assist my clients to learn self-testing, which will allow you to test yourself and others.

Homeopathy is a systematic form of natural, holistic healing based on the principle that “like cures like”. The Law of Similars, a foundational principle of homeopathy, states that “a crude substance that causes symptoms of illness in a healthy person can, in an ultra-diluted form, create a healing response in a sick person presenting with those same symptoms.” Homeopathy simply provides energetic information that sparks the body’s own self-healing mechanisms. I incorporate Sequential Homeopathy into my approach. Sequential Homeopathy was developed by Dr. J.F. Elmiger M.D. The term ‘sequential’ refers to the treatment (release) of specific shocks and traumas (physical and emotional) in a person’s life using homeopathic remedies. This gentle detoxification process is done in a sequential order, beginning with the present time and working back to pre-birth. With Integrative Sequential Healing we use the history of traumas as a guide, but by using muscle testing and intuitive questioning are able to work through the timeline more efficiently than with traditional sequential homeopathy.

Neurological Integration System (developed by Alan Phillips, O.D.) uses the latest scientific research to ‘tap’ into the intelligence of your brain to identify which signals are not getting though.  By restoring these connections, your physiology (body) will come back under the control of your neurology (brain).  When this happens the effected areas of your body are able to be returned to optimum potential.  And so the symptom/s you are experiencing will in turn resolve.

Quantum Techniques (developed by Dr. Stephen Daniel, PhD and Beth Daniel) is based on the principle that “what the body can see, it can heal.”  QT does not treat symptoms, but addresses the cause of the symptoms and what is blocking the body from healing.  Ultimately, all dis-ease and dis-tress manifests due to separation and lack of communication:  separation from ourselves, others, the Divine; separation and lack of communication within our body systems, specific organs and at a cellular level.  QT brings awareness, reconnection and movement into blocked areas within the body. I integrate various QT scans within my system to assist clearing and healing of blocked energy in the physical body. Primarily, I use QTs Physical Scan, Cell-Surface Receptor Scan, Curtain Scan, and Reconnection Scan.

The Physical Scan allows for an energetic scan of the body to rebalance organs, glands and tissues and bring them into a higher frequency. The Cell-Surface Receptor Scan assists in the detoxification of frequencies being held in the extra-cellular matrix, thus blocking health and optimal functioning at the cellular level. The Curtain Scan is a technique used to discover frequencies hidden from the body’s awareness. The body is innately created to heal, however, it cannot heal what it cannot see. For example, viral frequencies often hide in organs and tissues long after the acute version of the illness has improved. These hidden viral frequencies can drain energy, compromise immune strength, and block overall healing. With the Curtain Scan we can find and spur the body to release hidden frequencies. The Reconnection Scan is a tool to reconnect energy flow and communication with the body. For example, after a bout of flu with severe cough and sinus symptoms, the viral frequency may be diminished and the acute symptoms relieved, but sinus tissue and lungs may be disconnected from the overall energy flow of the body because of the “stress” they have gone through (like a fuse blowing in an electrical system). The Reconnection Scan allows us to energetically reset and reconnect organs/glands/tissues.

Soul Contract Reading is an accurate, in depth, system of spiritual interpretation that will empower you to understand and work through your own and/or your children’s challenges, confirm or express you innate and often untapped strengths,  manifest your dreams, engage with your deepest soul/life purpose, and understand and create better relationships by decoding the secrets of the blueprint of your life hidden within your birth name. I have completed Level 1 training in this method with the Nicolas David Ngan who has been developing the system (originally taught to him by Frank Alper) for the past 25 years. He is author of the best-selling book Decoding Your Soul Contract. I will be completing Level 2 training in January of 2016.

Soul Detective energy healing (developed by Barbara Stone, Ph.D.) contains an expansive set of therapeutic energy tools for therapists and energy healers to help clients heal the origins or “invisible roots” of complex emotional wounds. Through connecting with divine energy and one’s own inner guidance (the true essential or higher self), these tools empower a client to fulfill the soul’s mission in life and to joyfully express one’s gifts and talents to help bring personal and planetary peace and harmony. I have completed all levels of training with Barbara Stone, Ph.D. — Levels 1, 2 and 3 — and integrate various tools from this method to assist the client in discovering and healing unconscious emotional blocks to healing.