After several years of working successfully as a practitioner and seeing many ASD clients recover from autism, I began to experience significant challenges in my own personal health. In 2010, I was diagnosed with Lyme disease. Although I continued to support myself with homeopathy and I know it was an instrumental part of my healing, I also learned many other modalities to support my healing process. Right after my diagnosis I was introduced to the work of Byron White and began to use his formulas. I trained with him in Energetic Layer Testing, a type of testing that allows for a clear view of the body’s priorities and strengths for healing. I learned self muscle testing to more clearly ascertain the remedies and formulas I needed on a daily basis. I trained in Thought Field Therapy (developed by Dr. Roger Callahan) and Quantum Techniques (QT) and eventually served as a practitioner with QT so that I could hone and deepen my skills with that modality.

At the time of my diagnosis, I read Bruce Lipton’s book, The Biology of Belief, and I realized that in order to heal permanently, I required life transformation. Although I had focused so much on helping others, I had in many ways abandoned myself and not taken care of my own needs. I had carried on my mother’s patterns of emotional hiding and people pleasing, afraid to voice my heart’s truth. I had ignored life pains and emotions that had been suppressed since early childhood and throughout my marriage. Homeopathy got me so far, but there were deeper wounds that required a shift in consciousness.

I learned that my symptoms existed in the gap of consciousness. The gap between what I believed to be true — about myself, God, and my world — the what was really, actually true. It was within that gap that all my symptoms lived. I learned that just as there are dangers to physical suppression — as in the case of prescription drugs — there is a worse suppression. That is the suppression of the heart, hiding feelings away and keeping them down. Lyme caused me to wake up to my heart. In healing I learned to love myself fully and to express my truth to friends and family whether it was pleasing or not. I have learned to respect and understand my sensitivities and empathic nature, and to set clear boundaries with those in my world. I have learned to forgive others and to forgive myself. I have learned to slow down, to enjoy nature, to meditate and to breath. I learned to take care of my soul.

I have since experienced complete healing of Lyme disease and many other health issues that had plagued me in spite of my healthy lifestyle, including yeast and mild lingering digestive issues. I continue to grow and change from day to day as I learn to love each experience in my life, embrace my challenges and see them as gifts that are here to teach me deeper truth and bring me into joy.