Although my roots are in homeopathy and I continue to study and see profound improvements for my homeopathy clients, I am so grateful now for the additional skills I have learned along the way.  Lyme challenged me to go beyond all I knew. Now I have a broad set of tools, experience and life wisdom to draw from to help each client I work with.

I incorporate into my client practice my own unique form of energy healing which is a combination of skills I have learned. I use muscle testing to assist with remedy and potency selection, along with many other things such as supplements, food choices and treatment options. Muscle testing is unlimited and the more specific the question, the more detailed information we can receive. I use Byron White’s Layer Testing method as a way to see at each appointment what the person’s immune system is ready to focus on and heal.  I use Quantum Techniques physical scan, cell surface receptor and curtain scan to assist the energy of the homeopathic remedies when needed. In cases of the very sensitive clients who do not handle homeopathic remedies, I am able to use energy methods to clear their timelines.

I have recently been learning and incorporating a very unique form of imagery healing, called Eidetic imagery (as developed by Akhter Ahsen, Ph.D) which is proving to be very helpful to support emotional and physical issues for my clients. And lastly, I have just completed training with Nicolas David Ngan, author of the bestselling book, Decoding Your Soul Contract. Please see the services section of my blog to learn more about this unique way to learn and understand the desires of our soul and help us move with grace and ease into our life mission and purpose.

I have learned through my healing journey that life is always supporting and loving us, if we choose to accept and receive. My life’s greatest challenges were there to help me get clear and step into my greater purpose. We all have a divine purpose and life mission. During times of challenge it can be very hard to see and accept. I have learned that my beliefs and thoughts determine my reality. Having a broad range of tools allows me to help clients uncover the meaning of all the challenges being experienced, affirm the strengths and talents that are there but requiring support to shine through. God’s spirit lives in each of us and we are here to live a joyful life of meaning and purpose. Healing the body is the first step, but the rest awaits being discovered as each person is ready. My goal is to empower others to be their own healer, to experience healing physically, emotionally and spiritually. I desire to see you awaken to the love and healing power that is already within you.