Approach to Healing

Over the years I have developed a deep love and respect for children and families impacted by autism. I am inspired by the love, commitment and keen intelligence of the mothers and fathers. I have a passion for partnering with parents, supporting the primary caretaker as much as possible, bringing the best possible care to their children, and guiding the family through the healing process. I learned over the years to see the unique beauty and needs of each child. For the past 9 years I have been on a consistent pursuit to continue learning new skills and tools to meet the needs of this unique population. I love homeopathy in that it is flexible and can fit the unique needs of each individual. It is also compatible with many other tools.


My approach is called Integrative Sequential Healing. I believe that each client is unique and different and will benefit more fully from a customized approach to healing. Sequential homeopathy is the foundation of my approach, but within each session I integrate various tools from my experience based on the body’s priority for healing. In the initial consultation, I start with a thorough interview process to understand each client’s unique life history (timeline), current challenges, symptoms and strengths. I use muscle testing to determine the body’s healing priority as well. If the client is a child, I work with the primary caretaker, mother or father, on the call. The caretaker serves as a surrogate for muscle testing the child, and the presence of the child is not required. Depending on the client’s level of sensitivity, we will use a uniquely customized combination of remedies for detox (referred to as “clearing packets”) to assist the body in clearing each event layer on the timeline and to address the body’s current priority for healing (for example, it could be a trauma, heavy metal, or a pathogen frequency). During this initial appointment we also test for food sensitivities, as well as compatibility of household cleaning products, personal care items and supplements. Recommendations are made to change, add or eliminate various items based on the testing. I also recommend a Soul Contract Reading for the client and/or caretaker at the very beginning of our work together (first or second consultation) to allow us to begin to understand the deeper meaning underneath the current challenges.

Based on the client’s individual needs, I recommend homeopathic remedies to support detoxification and strengthen and repair the immune system. There is also great emphasis placed on emotional healing. Traumas, emotions, and beliefs are transformed by seeing and experiencing them differently and raising their frequency with Eidetic imaging and/or intuitive questioning techniques. At the end of the session, I may give the client an Eidetic image to work with until our next session and/or a healing code for overall healing support.

Follow up sessions are scheduled every 3 to 6 weeks based on the unique needs of the client.

Here is an example of what the first three appointments could include:

Appointment One – 1 1/2 to 2 hours: Timeline review, thorough interview of symptoms and current life situation, with the aim to discover the various blocks to healing. Review of diet and supplements; and muscle testing best foods for healing. I send homeoapthic clearing packets and 2 or 3 support droppers for immune strengthening, organ drainage, and pathogen frequency clearing. In some cases, an energetic code is created and given at the end of the call to support overall healing. Optional Soul Contract Reading this session or next.

Appointment Two – 30 minutes to 45 minutes: A new set of clearing packet for detoxification of the next layer based on the timeline and testing of the body’s priority for healing.

Appointment Three – 60 minutes: A new set of clearing packets, review of homeopathic support remedies (refill, potency change, or a new formula for remedies); extended time for emotional healing/questions.

Life’s challenges can be extremely painful and confusing at times, but there is freedom when we can see the opportunities that lie within the challenges. I use a combination of homeopathy, energy healing techniques, Eidetic imagery and intuitive lifestyle coaching. I use muscle testing to assist with remedy and potency selection, along with many other things such as supplements, food choices and treatment options. The potential of muscle testing is unlimited and the more specific the question, the more detailed information we can receive. I use Byron White’s Layer Testing method at each session as a way to see what the person’s immune system is ready to focus on and heal during that month’s clearing. And when indicated, I use Quantum Technique’s physical scan, cell surface receptor and curtain scan to assist the energy of the homeopathic remedies when needed and to assist in finding hidden blocks to healing. In unique cases of the very sensitive clients who do not handle homeopathic remedies, I am able to use energy methods to clear their timelines.


We work together as a team to support your child. Please purchase a special notebook or calendar in which to record your notes, questions and ideas between appointments. Make a note of the date that you begin clearing packets, and then keep a record of improvements, clearing symptoms or challenges during the month between appointments. Make a special effort to write down the improvements you notice, even if they seem small. Gradual healing occurs over time and it is very encouraging to have written proof of where you have been and the improvements you’ve seen. Sometimes improvements are subtle and if not recorded they will fade and can easily be taken for granted. Seeing proof of gains and improvement is so helpful to have and read over when you experience a challenging day.


Autism is treatable, reversible, and healing is possible. Improvement is possible no matter the age of the child. Children with autism deserve relief, support, respect, connection and understanding.

Children with autism are a gift to the world. They have special intuitive gifts including a sensitive nature and highly tuned empathy. They are very intelligent, divine beings of light. They have an innate intelligence and oftentimes have an inner knowing of what is best for them. Many have telepathic abilities. They are aware and sensitive to the multi-dimensional reality of the world. They are aware of the invisible, spiritual realm. They do not have the structure and veils separating them from Spirit life as most of us have become accustomed to. Instead of focusing on “fixing” I focus on strengthening, connecting and loving. My aim is to love your child fully and meet him or her right where he/she is. To walk in their shoes and see their potential. My goal is to continually improve each child’s physical and emotional health by gently removing the emotional and physical toxin load being carried, assist with grounding soul energy in the body, and allowing them to feel more connection and peace in the world. My goal is to see each client restored, living a life of fullness and joy. I desire for them to reach their full potential.