Intro to Muscle Testing

Muscle testing is a simple procedure that tests energy flow to a muscle, revealing an intimate connection between body and mind. Developed and created by Dr. George Goodheart, D.C. in the 1960s, it is now taught worldwide and used extensively by healing practitioners, doctors and lay individuals. Dr. Goodheart was the first to correlate muscle action/strength with a person’s energy field.

Each person has a unique energetic field, often called the energy body or aura. In fact, everything in the universe is made of energy and resonates at its own unique frequency. For example, supplements, foods, drugs, even thoughts, beliefs and emotions all have their own unique frequency. When we hold a product or food in our field for instance (physically holding it or even just the intention to hold it by thinking about it), that substance will either strengthen or weaken our field. If the field is weakened there will be a disruption of energy flow to the body, and thus a very brief weakening of energy to the muscles.

Muscle testing can be practiced in person or remotely.