Homeopathy 101

12 Common Remedies and Keynotes

Keynotes are the most important facts about a remedy. They offer short cuts to figuring out which remedy is best to use.

Aconite Effects of fear and fright, sudden onset, within first 24 hours, croupy cough, shock, eye injury, flu, restlessness, cough after exposure to cold wind
Arsenicum Antidote to arsenic poisoning/exposure (wood/rice), food poisoning, restless fearfulness, fever with chills, hugging the fire, anxiety
Belladonna Sudden onset, right sided, red shiny skin and eyes, dilated pupils, spiking fever, hallucinations, earache (outer ear red/painful), sunburn, headache laying down, throbbing pains
Chamomilla Teething, esp. for children, intense response to pain, can’t be quieted or comforted, babies must be carried, one cheek may be redder than the other, ear pain, colicky babies
Coffea Insomnia, edgy nerves, hyperactivity, nervousness, headaches
Gelsemium Flu symptoms, lethargy, droopy eyes, jet lag, doped up feeling, onset of symptoms after bad news, symptoms from nervous anticipation of events to come, headache – band around the head sensation
Kali-bichromium Sinus infections/pressure, ropy discharge anywhere, sore throat/scratchy/drainage, thick discharge, ulcerated tonsils
Kali-mur 6X Eustachian tube clearing, flying on plane, tendency to ear infections (preventative), after ear infection to promote drainage and healing
Mag phos Menstrual cramps, hiccoughs, best if dissolved in water and sipped frequently
Nux vomica Overindulgence or over work, hangover, exhaustion from too much work, nausea, vomiting, constipation (esp. after use of laxatives), gas, frequent colds
Pulsatilla Whining and complaining child or adult, ear pain, yellow discharges, crusting of eyes, doesn’t want to be left alone, clingy, very emotional
Rumex crispus Tickling, spasmodic cough, esp. getting over cough at the end of a respiratory infection
Silica 6X Splinters, splinter-like pains, boils (fluid filled), styes, blocked tear duct, toothaches, sensitivity

Key remedies for flu symptoms: 

1) Stomach flu: Arsenicum

2) Fever/body aches: Use Aconite and Occilococcinum immediately. Aconite is most useful with sudden onset.

3) Other key remedies for flu-like symtoms: Gels, Ars, Eup-perf, Nux-v, Baptisia, Hepar sulph, Merc-sol, Puls, Phos, Rhus-tox

Description of Bach Flower Remedies and Uses: