My personal healing journey through chronic illness and Lyme disease taught me the importance of customizing a healing plan for each individual in the way that works best for their unique needs, health history, lifestyle, strengths, and weaknesses. It also helped me build a unique skill set including:

  • Various homeopathic approaches (Sequential, Complex, Constitutional)
  • Homeopathic organ support and drainage
  • Use of energetically imprinted herbal formulas
  • Remote/voice testing with the use of applied kinesiology (AK)
  • Layer testing (using applied kinesiology to determine the body’s priority/ focus for healing each step of the way)
  • Lifestyle coaching (stress reduction, nutritional resources, gentle methods of detoxification)
  • Other energy healing techniques to clear the energy body, support emotional and spiritual healing, and support the free flow of energy in the body like soul contract reading, soul detective, neurological integration system, and quantum techniques

Two Hour Initial Session includes:

  • Thorough client history review and interview
  • Individualized testing and coaching to reduce blocks to healing (removing household pollutants, food sensitivities, etc.)
  • Energetic layer testing to find the body’s priority for healing
  • Energy healing to release emotional trauma
  • The goal of the first session is to weave together a customized healing approach best for the individual
  • Each consultation is customized to the client and may include any or all of the services listed above


  • Two hour initial Session is $238
  • Follow up sessions are $139/hour (prorated to length of call) or $76/half hour

Soul Contract Reading Fees

  • New service introductory fee $76 per reading until the end of 2015
  • Beginning January 2016, soul contract readings will be $157 per reading

I work by phone so that I can work with clients all over the country and the world.


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