Energetic Healing Tools

Your Custom Healing Code

A custom energy code or meridian sequence is used as a container to hold the healing frequency of an energy treatment/homeopathic remedy(ies). The tapping points are acupressure points that stimulate major meridians in the body and allow for a correction of energy flow. An energy code is a way to give your body information that it can receive and understand. It is very similar to a homeopathic remedy. Each homeopathic remedy holds a unique energy frequency. It is that frequency that imparts information and stimulates healing in the body. A code is simply another way to give information to the body.

You may tap the code physically (tapping about 5 times on each point listed in your code) or read it out loud. I recommend tapping the code for the first day, and then reading it thereafter.

If you are working as a surrogate for your child you can tap the code on yourself with the intention of doing so for your child. You can also show your child how to tap the code, or give it to him or her on an index card to read or carry.

Meridians: The Body’s Energy Highways

Meridians are energy pathways for the life energy – sometimes call chi, vital force or life information — that animates the body. For example:

  1. Energy flows from the air into the lungs, from food sources to the cells, from thoughts and perceptions to the cells.
  2. Subtle information flows to and from the body to the environment.
  3. There are 12 major meridians, which together form a network of energy pathways throughout the body for the distribution of chi/energy/information.
  4. Meridians control all bodily functions and connect all parts of the body to each other, allowing for communication throughout the body.
  5. Each of the 12 pathways is linked to a specific organ or organ system, therefore revealing the body as a circle of interdependent parts – not a collection of separate pieces.
  6. Chi or energy passes through the body in a regular 24-hour pattern and therefore affects all facets of life, regulating subtle energy through metabolic and physiological processes.
  7. The 12 meridians: Lung (TH), Large Intestine (IF), Stomach (E), Spleen (A), Heart (LF), Small Intestine (SH), Urinary Bladder (EB), Kidney (C), Pericardium (MF), Triple Warmer (UN/CH), Gallbladder (OE), Liver (LIV)
  8. All but the Triple Warmer and Heart meridians are connected to a specific organ system. The Triple Warmer is thought to govern the chi level of the entire body, as it controls the distribution of all types of energy. The Heart meridian works with the Triple Warmer to control the body’s overall energy level, but is also vital to the functioning of the heart.
  9. Along the 12 major meridians there are over 400 acupuncture points – every meridian contains 25 to 150 acupuncture points.
  10. Meridians are like antennae for subtle and physical information. If the health flow of energy becomes fully or partially blocked in the meridians, it also becomes blocked in the physical body.

Meridian Tapping/Touch Points

EB = Eyebrow, OE = Side of eye (outside eye), E = Under eye, C = Collarbone, A = Under arm, LIV = Liver (on rib cage beneath nipple line), Crown = Top of head, UN = Under nose, Thymus = bony spot just under notch below throat, CH = Chin, Gamut spot = Top of hand, G50 = Top of hand, 50 taps (9-gamut spot), SH = Karate chop / side of hand (karate chop), TH = Thumb, IF = Index finger, MF = Middle finger, LF = baby finger (little finger), 3rd eye = Just above eyebrow, between eyes


This technique helps to balance to right and left brain and reduce stress in the body’s energy system.

  1. Find the Gamut Spot on the back of your hand (it is about 1” from the valley between the beginning of the little finger and the ring finger). Tap this spot firmly while you are doing the following 9 steps:
  2. Close your eyes for about 5 taps.
  3. Open your eyes for about 5 taps.
  4. Hold your head level and glance with your eyes downward and to the left for about 5 taps.
  5. Hold your head level and glance with your eyes downward and to the right for about 5 taps.
  6. Circle your eyes in a complete circle while tapping. Be sure you see the ceiling, the wall, the floor, and the other wall so that your circle is complete.
  7. Circle your eyes in the other direction.
  8. Count to five aloud while tapping.
  9. Hum five varied notes while applying (can be a tune like “Happy Birthday To You”).
  10. Count to five again while tapping.


Much of the time a Chakra Pattern will be added as an extension to the code. To stimulate the chakra, you can touch the chakra or simply envision the chakra, see it lighting up.

  1. First Chakra, also called the Root or Base Chakra. Touch spot is the Tailbone. (TB) Tribal power, safety and security.  Color: Red
  2. Second Chakra, also called the Sacral Chakra. Touch spot is the Pelvis (PEL) Power of relationships, creativity, sexuality, flow of money/abundance. Color: Orange
  3. Third Chakra, also called the Solar Plexus. Touch spot Solar Plexus just under the sternum (SP). Personal power, self-esteem, trust. Color: Yellow
  4. Fourth Chakra, also called the Heart Chakra. Touch spot is the heart (HRT) Power of love and emotion. Color: Green
  5. Fifth Chakra, also called the Throat Chakra. Touch spot is the throat (THR) Power of will, choice, speaking truth, thyroid. Color: Light blue
  6. Sixth Chakra, also called the Third Eye. Touch spot slightly above eyebrow line centered between the eyes. (3RD) Power of the mind, seeing truth, seeing clearly. Color: Dark blue
  7. Seventh Chakra, also called the Crown Chakra. Touch spot center, top of head. (CRN) Spiritual connection, oneness. Allowing (or resisting) the flow of life, letting go of mind (or overthinking). Color: Purple