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After several years of working successfully as a practitioner and seeing my clients my clients heal and transform, I began to experience significant challenges in my own personal health. In 2010, I discovered I had Lyme disease. I continued to support myself with homeopathy and began to explore additional modalities and tools to support my healing. Right after my diagnosis I was introduced to the work of Byron White and began to use his energetic herbal formulas. I attended his training in Energetic Layer Testing, a type of testing that allows for a clear view of the body’s priorities and strengths for healing. I learned self muscle testing to more clearly ascertain the remedies and formulas I needed on a daily basis. As my healing progressed, I trained in Thought Field Therapy (developed by Dr. Roger Callahan), Neurological Integration System (NIS), and Quantum Techniques (QT); and eventually served as a practitioner with QT so that I could hone and deepen my skills with that healing therapy.

Around this same time, I read Bruce Lipton’s book, The Biology of Belief. I realized that permanent and deep healing requires looking within and a willingness to change at a deep level. I began to understand that my life was a creation of my beliefs, emotions, unconscious patterns. If I wanted a true deep healing, it was not going to come solely from a bottle or a remedy. Those things are good, helpful, needed at times and very useful. But the only magic bullet, the glue that holds it all together comes from within, in my heart, and how I choose to think and live my life.

Although I had focused so much on helping others over the years, I had in many ways abandoned myself and not taken care of my own needs. I was a strong, loving person in in my work life but in my personal life I still carrying on many of the patterns I learned during my childhood. I was still carrying and had ignored life pains and emotions that had been suppressed since early childhood. Homeopathy got me so very far, but there were deeper wounds that required a shift in consciousness.

I learned that my symptoms existed in the gap of consciousness. The gap between what I believed to be true — about myself, God, and my world — the what was really, actually true. It was within that gap that all my symptoms lived. I learned that just as there are dangers to physical suppression — as in the case of prescription drugs — there is a worse suppression. That is the suppression of the heart, hiding feelings away and keeping them down. Lyme caused me to wake up to my heart. I learned the importance of expressing my feelings, listening to my heart and tending to my soul. I learned to speak the truth more fully to the people in my life whether it was pleasing or not. I learned to accept the present moment and to be grateful for everything that showed up, especially the most challenging things.  I learned to respect and understand my sensitivities and empathic nature, and to set healthy boundaries. These are not things I have mastered once and for all, but things I keep learning again and again everyday. Life is a process and a journey. We just have this moment, now, today. I have learned the importance of self love and forgiveness. Life is so much sweeter when we live truth, love what shows up, slow down, enjoy, meditate and breathe.

I have since experienced complete healing of Lyme disease and many other health issues that had plagued me in spite of my healthy lifestyle. I continue to grow and change from day to day as I learn to love each experience in my life, embrace my challenges and see them as gifts that are here to teach me so I can experience joy.

Peace and blessings,

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During this time a passion for helping other mothers and their children began to grow inside of me. I saw so many mothers running their children to the doctor continually for repeated rounds of anti-biotics and other suppressive medications and surgeries (ear tubes, tonsils removed, etc.). I began teaching my friends basic homeopathy and how to take care of their own children effectively. I discovered I had a natural gift for teaching and I was able to help many.

At one point, a friend of mine suggested I teach a class since I was mentoring a two people at the same time. I said yes, that is a great idea! I booked a room at the local library and invited my two friends and a couple other people. Word of my class spread before it began and to my astonishment, 22 people showed up at the first meeting. God’s plan enveloped me and I experienced miracles as doors of opportunity opened. I felt my calling and my purpose come alive and I began my formal training in homeopathy at that time.

At the completion of my formal sequential training and clinical internship with the Homeopathy Center of Houston, I was offered a position as a practitioner at the clinic. I worked there for over 6 years and am so grateful for all I learned while I was there. During that time I specialized in children’s chronic health issues, primarily ASD and developmental delays, as well as other health challenges such as PANDAS, asthma, ADD/ADHD, and other chronic auto-immune issues.

As a homeopath and healer, I believe I am doing my best work when I empower my clients to find their intuitive knowing and healing power within. My aim is to empower each client to become his or her own healer, and for parents to have the confidence to support healing in their own children. Healing is more than a remedy, more than a pill. Homeopathy has a profound way of moving energy, communicating with the body, and bringing in a higher vibration, but there is more to it than that. There is power in loving intention, in personal growth, gratitude and surrender. Together we work as a team to discover the best remedy along with the gift in the challenge. Sometimes it is crazy hard to find the bright side, and often it is confusing, frustrating, and painful at times. But if we look underneath all the symptoms and surrender to the present moment, we can find some beautiful blessings and gifts in the midst.

Over the years I developed a deep love and respect for children and families impacted by autism and all the many other chronic childhood issues that are on the rise still today. I am inspired by the love, commitment and keen intelligence of the mothers and fathers. I have a deep passion for partnering with parents, bringing the best possible care to their children and guiding the entire family through the process of healing and awakening.

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These children are geniuses, wise beyond our imagination. They are teaching us each moment how to love unconditionally, how to step up and step into life fully, and how to surrender. Working with children and families impacted by autism has been and continues to be the greatest privelege of my life. It motivates me to step further into my purpose, to be the best person I can be, to love my own children unconditionally. I have learned over the years to see the unique beauty and needs of each child and family. For the past 9 years I have been on a consistent pursuit to continue learning new skills and tools to make a difference for these children and families. I love homeopathy in that it is so flexible and can fit the unique needs of each individual.


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When my children were born, I was determined to keep them free of medications. I had learned about the suppressive nature of prescription drugs and I desired to keep them safe from side effects and the unexpected trajectory that a reliance on medicine can create. However, I compromised in the area of vaccination because of my fears as a new mom, false beliefs about vaccines, and a deep desire to protect my children. Although I had questions about immunization, I trusted the pediatrician more than my own inner voice. I had one foot in the natural health world and one foot still in allopathy.

My daughter was an easy baby, a good sleeper, and a happy child. After vaccinations she was cranky and sleepy but had no obvious or immediate reactions early on that I was aware of. However, as soon as my son was born she began coming down with repeat ear infections. I was able to take care of her symptoms with homeopathic remedies and herbal preparations, but her ear infections continued. My son had more obvious health challenges. Boys in general tend to be more sensitive, but I see now it was during his pregnancy that I had the amalgam removal and antibiotic usage. He was born with jaundice and experienced digestive discomfort and colic from the very beginning. A few days after his first set of vaccinations he experienced a severe bout of croup. It was the fall, and colds and cough were going around. Being a busy mom and unable to see the full truth, I wrote it off as a symptom of the season.

It came time for my son’s second set of infant vaccinations, and my daughter was due for her first MMR. As many young moms do, I dutifully took them to the routine pediatric check-up and submitted to the vaccinations. I requested no Varicella vaccine for my daughter that day, but then later realized it was listed on the vaccine record as being done anyway. My daughter seemed exceptionally cranky that afternoon after returning home, but fell asleep early with a low grade fever and slept through the night. The next day, my daughter woke early crying and cranky. Later that day, I found her banging her head on the wall of her bedroom (which I learned later is a sign of gut pain). To add to the drama, my son awoke that day with a severe case croup — worse than the first case 3 months earlier. Life was once again saying to me “Wake up and pay attention.”

I am so grateful now for this jolt to my life. My children didn’t know it, but they were steering the ship for me and righting my compromised course. I started finding out the truth for myself: reading books and researching all I could about vaccinations risks and the effects of other toxic exposures including overuse of antibiotics, metals, chemicals and processed, chemically-laden foods.

Years later, after working with hundreds of children impacted by vaccine and toxin injury, I can see the visual signs of toxic overload — how the skin appears, the facial features, the formation of the jaw, the gait. I can see that my children were sitting on the edge of the cliff. When I work with parents of autistic children, I realize I could have been just like them and I feel a deep resonance and a connection with them and their children. I am so grateful for the healing capacity of the body. I believe we have a loving creator and our bodies are made to heal if they have the right support and information.

When my children were young, our financial situation was tight and the prospect of paying for homeopathic treatment for myself and my children was quite challenging. I was motivated to learn homeopathy and empower myself to take care of my family. I began studying more intently and in the next few years I completed my first degree in homeopathy. I was very blessed to mentor with my homeopath’s assistant, Donna Dominey, D.I. Hom, and then pursue advanced training in sequential homeopathy with the Houston School of Homeopathy/Homeopathy Center of Houston.

My children were my first teachers and I was able to learn my skills by practicing on them over the years. Handling all their acute health ailments, and then clearing their vaccines and other childhood and pre-birth exposure, including miasms, gave me a front seat to their rapid improvement while gaining confidence in my skills. My daughter had experienced a significant speech delay and had articulation challenges that required speech therapy. Although she had a few words early on, her verbal communication was very limited and she preferred using sign language until I started clearing her vaccines. Diet changes and homeopathy resolved her gut issues and her ear infections resolved permanently. I just smile to myself when I remember her pediatrician telling me I would “have no choice but to have tubes put in.” Actually, there is a better way.

My son had health challenges, gut issues, and was ill with coughs and colds often. When we stopped all vaccinations and began to clear them homeopathically, his health improved quickly. However, early on he had trouble focusing and did not have any interest in learning.  I had cleared all his vaccines but then began to look beyond his own timeline. I chose to clear the MMR with him — a vaccine he did not ever physically receive. (He would have had exposure to my daughter’s vaccine and then of course, I had the MMR which was passed to him through my DNA.) I noticed the most profound improvements in his health and learning, after clearing MMR for him. After the MMR clearing, his facial features changed, his focus improved, and I noticed some infrequent tics he been having just disappeared. He had more peace in his eyes and his jaw softened, he stopped grinding his teeth at night. He finally began learning letters and then it seemed he began to read overnight. I remember his school teacher asking me what I had done, she assumed many hours of tutoring at home. I smiled and knew it was God at work through the homeopathic clearings.


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I have been asked many times how I got into the field of natural healing. Over the next few weeks I will share my story, and I suspect it may be similar to yours. The experiences I have had have shaped my approach to healing and my beliefs about what is possible for my clients — and for everyone that is on their own healing journey. I believe that healing is always possible, that we can always move forward (no matter where we start), and that there is always hope.

Homeopathy changed my life and was the beginning of my journey into natural healing. My experiences with homeopathy and healing led me to explore my own personal and spiritual growth and to search deeply for life’s meaning and purpose.


I was diagnosed with interstitial cystitis in my mid-twenties and after various drugs and procedures that left me feeling worse than ever, I was blessed to discover homeopathy. I worked with a classical homeopath, Daniel C. Cook, M.D. and over a six-month period I began to experience freedom from antibiotics and numerous other prescriptions. Up to that point, in addition to the chronic bladder condition, I experienced numerous infections each year (throat, sinus, and bladder) requiring antibiotics and various other health conditions requiring prescriptions including migraines, allergies and hormonal imbalance symptoms.

Throughout my life, I saw my mother suffer from severe allergies, headaches, constant infections, depression and hormonal issues. Until I began to learn homeopathy it appeared that my own life was on a similar trajectory. My childhood and early adult years were riddled with strep infections, bronchitis, laryngitis, and allergies. Sadly, I had just accepted it, buying into the medical and societal belief systems that it was “genetic” and out of my control. Homeopathy turned my life around and gave me hope. Hope for a healthy future. Hope to be free of my medications and the severe side effects I experienced every time I took them. During my 20s and 30s I began to learn homeopathy and study nutrition. I was inspired to pursue a path of health freedom, something I had never dreamed possible before.

During my early 30s, I was blessed to have two beautiful children: my daughter first and then 2 and a half years later my son. Although I was on the path of wellness and had learned to take care of basic acute conditions with homeopathy, I was still putting faith in the medical system and I was experiencing personal stressors in my life and marriage that I had not dealt with before.

As a child I had learned to not feel my feelings or express my deep inner truth; I had lost my voice in an effort to please and be loved. I had learned to “be a good Christian”; I believed that “a good person always puts others first”; I had learned to stuff down my disappointments and sadness and to ignore the deepest longings of my heart. At the time I did not realize the enormity of this factor, but I see now that it was the biggest factor of all.

During my 20s and early 30s I experienced many health gains: a huge improvement to my allergy symptoms, an overall improvement in health and freedom from all prescription medications. I was still experiencing colds and sinus issues, but I had my go-to homeopathic remedies and I knew what to do to get well. Although I was able to treat myself with homeopathy and stay clear of antibiotics I was still relying on a few over the counter medications and I felt that the improvement of my overall health began to stall.

During the first trimester of my second pregnancy, one of my many amalgam fillings cracked and required replacement. This unexpected dental work turned my health upside down. At the time I was just living life one day at a time and did not have the wisdom to put it all together, but the factors add up when seen from a higher perspective as I will describe here.

Six-weeks after the amalgam removal (replaced with a composite filling) I suddenly came down with a severe case of bronchitis.  My stand-by constitutional remedy and go-to acute care homeopathic remedies were not working. Even my classical homeopath in Houston at the time seemed at a loss for what to do with me and in the end referred me back to my doctor for a prescription. I was forced to take not one, but two rounds of antibiotics at that time to get over my severe lung and sinus infection.

After my son was born, I continued to have sinus issues, lung congestion and infections. I was at a loss as to help myself as all my tried and true homeopathic remedies were not nearly as helpful as they had been in the past. I then met another mom in a healthy living support group who referred me to a sequential homeopath. My new homeopath, Sherry Arrick, D.I.Hom, requested a Timeline from me, a document that provides details of physical and emotional traumas in sequential order, beginning at pre-birth and continuing to the present time. Physical traumas include accidents, over the counter and prescription drug use, illnesses, traumatic emotional events, and chemical toxin exposures to name a few.

The process of writing my timeline began an awakening process in me. I was amazed to discover that since early childhood I experienced a lung infection approximately 6 weeks after every amalgam filling was placed. My homeopath identified a metal toxicity load I was carrying still even after all the natural living, gains, and health changes I had made. I began the process of clearing my timeline events with homeopathic remedies in an orderly systematic way with sequential homeopathy. I experienced huge benefits and improvements when I began to clear mercury and other amalgam metals.This allowed for another quantum leap in my health for which I am so grateful.

At that time, I was also very busy with the responsibilities of two small children and working full time. Once again, I felt encouraged that I could support my health with homeopathy. I began to learn more and more how to support my emotional health with homeopathy, and I used remedies quite often in that way. However, I was still not waking up to the truth of my unexpressed emotions (a pattern from childhood that I took into adulthood) and the inability to truly feel my feelings. This habit was like a ticking time bomb that would require big conscious changes. I still wanted a fix for my symptoms and I thought I was being a “good” person by avoiding negative emotions like anger and sadness.


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COMING IN OCTOBER on Thursdays, a six-week web-based workshop designed to allow parents to help their children reach their potential. Topics to include:

  • Introduction to homeopathy (Classical and Sequential) and what it can do for your child
  • New remedies especially helpful for ASD challenges
  • In-depth help for acute health needs such as colds & flu, coughs, sore throats/earaches, injuries, as well as children’s complaints such as teething, colic and bed wetting
  • Nutrition/diet to optimize healing and strategies to improve digestive health
  • Overview of muscle testing, energy healing techniques, and specific tips for supporting meridian and chakra balance
  • Ways to improve sleep, support emotional balance, and decrease anger and anxiety
  • Overview of healing methods to help with social connection, focus, and language
  • For more information, go to or email questions to

Investment is $238. Starting on October 22nd. Remaining dates and times coming soon. Feel free to email or comment if there is a particular topic you would like addressed that you do not see listed above. Thanks for reading!


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Have you ever noticed when you cut yourself, your body immediately begins to heal the wound? We are created to heal – the body has innate wisdom about how to heal itself. But unfortunately, in our modern world, our bodies do not always have a clear path, nor the information needed to allow for healing.

This is especially true in the case of autism where a host of complex issues including systemic inflammation, detoxification challenges, immune system confusion and emotional trauma. These factors create blockages to proper internal communication and healing in the body. Fortunately, homeopathy has answers.

Homeopathy is a scientific approach to healing that uses natural substances to stimulate the body’s innate healing capabilities. Discovered over 200 years ago by German physician Dr. Samuel Hahnemann, homeopathy provides the body with unique energetic information according to the principle that like cures like. In other words, any substance that can produce symptoms in a healthy person can cure those same symptoms in a sick person. For example, we are all familiar with poison ivy; it causes blisters, itching, redness, and stiff muscles. However, when the poisonous plant is prepared homeopathically and given in the form of a homeopathic remedy, it can be used to stimulate healing for everything from a poison ivy rash to eczema, arthritis, and even herpes.

Remedies can be made of any substance imaginable: animal, mineral, vegetable, or intangible (i.e. x-ray or cell phone radiation). Isopathic remedies are a specific class of remedies made from a safe preparation of the toxic causative substance, such as a heavy metal or vaccine. These remedies are often vital to unlocking the case and allowing deep healing, especially when used in combination with other supportive remedies to aid the body with gentle detoxification and immune repair.

Over the years, I have used homeopathy to facilitate healing in hundreds of clients. Although my original training was in classical homeopathy, clinical experience has shown that with autism, it is rarely sufficient to achieve complete healing. Sequential homeopathy with the use of Isotherapy is, in my experience, the key to healing.

With sequential homeopathy we systematically “clear” the toxic burden load with carefully selected homeopathic remedies based on the history and unique needs of each individual/child. This allows for gentle detoxification, support of key organs and tissues, healing of emotional trauma, and a true rebalancing of the immune system. Because homeopathic detoxification is gentle, it allows healing to occur at the pace that is best for each individual.

For example, one of my client’s, Allison (3 years old) presented with a diagnosis of Autism Spectrum Disorder, severe insomnia, parasites, food intolerance, and environmental sensitivities. Although she had a few words, she was not able to engage in meaningful communication. Using a combination of sequential homeopathy, lifestyle coaching with her parents, and homeopathic immune supports she completely recovered in 18 months. She is now excelling in school and life.

Since each child is unique and the symptoms of autism can present in such diverse ways, I have been compelled over the past 7 years to explore many methodologies. These include various types of homeopathy, applied kinesiology (to test and determine the best remedies, foods, and supplements to assist with healing), energy healing, and herbal formulas to address layers of toxins (including pathogens, environmental toxins, pre-birth toxins, emotions and many more), and to re-balance the immune system.

In my career, I have been blessed to be a part of the healing process for many children and families. To read more about some of the families I have worked with please click here.

Jenice Stebel, D.I.Hom., DSH-P has practiced homeopathy professionally since 2005 when she began a private practice and developed and taught introductory and intermediate homeopathy courses. She has trained extensively in homeopathy and other forms of energy medicine, and has specialized in healing ASD spectrum and other chronic issues in children for the past 7 years. She works with clients throughout the United States and internationally by phone. Please click here to read more about Jenice’s training, background and practice.