Your health is built (or diminished) one day at a time, one decision at a time. Ultimately, your health is determined by a few simple things that make a huge difference:

  • What you put in you – things you ingest on a daily basis, including foods, beverages, supplements
  • What you put on you – including all personal care products that ultimately, and rather quickly, go into you through your largest organ, your skin
  • What you believe, view and allow your mind to dwell on

Your body is created to heal, if supported with the right life-bringing foods & nutrients, as well as natural healing tools such as homeopathy and energy medicine. Unfortunately, what should pass as common knowledge usually isn’t very common at all as it relates to natural health solutions.

For example, one of the best kept secrets is this: We are not victims of our genes. Just because your dad or grandma has diabetes, does not mean you will develop it as well. Or just because someone in your family had heart or thyroid disease, or weight problems, does not mean you are doomed to repeat it. At any time, you can choose to take responsibility for our own health!

Of course genes can and do have some influence, but genes are turned on and off by other regulatory genes. These regulatory genes are controlled by both the inner environment (emotional, biochemical/nutrients, mental, energetic and spiritual factors) and the outer environment (social networks, the environment in which we live, food, and toxins we are or have been exposed to). These factors are much more in our control than we realize.

For example, we have ultimate control over our health by the foods we choose to eat, the personal products we use every day, the healthcare options we choose, the emotions we choose to dwell on, and the lifestyle we choose to live. We can all learn to be the master of our own genetic destiny. That’s what natural health is all about. Isn’t it time to take control of your health?


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