Natural Health Resources and Energy Healing Homeopathy

Recommendations made by A Better Way, www.natural-health-resources.com, or energyhealinghomeopathy.wordpress.com, including organic sulfur, homeopathic remedies, or other supplements or health and lifestyle suggestions are not intended to diagnose, treat, or cure any disease or health condition—physical, emotional, or mental. We are not physicians, medical doctors, psychologists or other licensed healthcare providers and do not claim these voluntary self-help recommendations are “cures” for anything. None of this is intended to replace or substitute for licensed medical or psychological care. We do not suggest or advise that anyone discontinue, avoid, refuse, or ignore medical or psychological consultations or advice. These are self-help, self-applied, recommended techniques intended to enhance health.

Any lifestyle or dietary recommendations are suggestions based on our experience. All those who seek to use the suggestions found at www.natural-health-resources.com or energyhealinghomeopathy.wordpress.com must also use common sense and take complete responsibility for themselves and their decisions. This is the path of empowerment and ultimate healing.


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