your body can heal


After several years of working successfully as a practitioner and seeing my clients my clients heal and transform, I began to experience significant challenges in my own personal health. In 2010, I discovered I had Lyme disease. I continued to support myself with homeopathy and began to explore additional modalities and tools to support my healing. Right after my diagnosis I was introduced to the work of Byron White and began to use his energetic herbal formulas. I attended his training in Energetic Layer Testing, a type of testing that allows for a clear view of the body’s priorities and strengths for healing. I learned self muscle testing to more clearly ascertain the remedies and formulas I needed on a daily basis. As my healing progressed, I trained in Thought Field Therapy (developed by Dr. Roger Callahan), Neurological Integration System (NIS), and Quantum Techniques (QT); and eventually served as a practitioner with QT so that I could hone and deepen my skills with that healing therapy.

Around this same time, I read Bruce Lipton’s book, The Biology of Belief. I realized that permanent and deep healing requires looking within and a willingness to change at a deep level. I began to understand that my life was a creation of my beliefs, emotions, unconscious patterns. If I wanted a true deep healing, it was not going to come solely from a bottle or a remedy. Those things are good, helpful, needed at times and very useful. But the only magic bullet, the glue that holds it all together comes from within, in my heart, and how I choose to think and live my life.

Although I had focused so much on helping others over the years, I had in many ways abandoned myself and not taken care of my own needs. I was a strong, loving person in in my work life but in my personal life I still carrying on many of the patterns I learned during my childhood. I was still carrying and had ignored life pains and emotions that had been suppressed since early childhood. Homeopathy got me so very far, but there were deeper wounds that required a shift in consciousness.

I learned that my symptoms existed in the gap of consciousness. The gap between what I believed to be true — about myself, God, and my world — the what was really, actually true. It was within that gap that all my symptoms lived. I learned that just as there are dangers to physical suppression — as in the case of prescription drugs — there is a worse suppression. That is the suppression of the heart, hiding feelings away and keeping them down. Lyme caused me to wake up to my heart. I learned the importance of expressing my feelings, listening to my heart and tending to my soul. I learned to speak the truth more fully to the people in my life whether it was pleasing or not. I learned to accept the present moment and to be grateful for everything that showed up, especially the most challenging things.  I learned to respect and understand my sensitivities and empathic nature, and to set healthy boundaries. These are not things I have mastered once and for all, but things I keep learning again and again everyday. Life is a process and a journey. We just have this moment, now, today. I have learned the importance of self love and forgiveness. Life is so much sweeter when we live truth, love what shows up, slow down, enjoy, meditate and breathe.

I have since experienced complete healing of Lyme disease and many other health issues that had plagued me in spite of my healthy lifestyle. I continue to grow and change from day to day as I learn to love each experience in my life, embrace my challenges and see them as gifts that are here to teach me so I can experience joy.

Peace and blessings,

Jen in script


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