When my children were born, I was determined to keep them free of medications. I had learned about the suppressive nature of prescription drugs and I desired to keep them safe from side effects and the unexpected trajectory that a reliance on medicine can create. However, I compromised in the area of vaccination because of my fears as a new mom, false beliefs about vaccines, and a deep desire to protect my children. Although I had questions about immunization, I trusted the pediatrician more than my own inner voice. I had one foot in the natural health world and one foot still in allopathy.

My daughter was an easy baby, a good sleeper, and a happy child. After vaccinations she was cranky and sleepy but had no obvious or immediate reactions early on that I was aware of. However, as soon as my son was born she began coming down with repeat ear infections. I was able to take care of her symptoms with homeopathic remedies and herbal preparations, but her ear infections continued. My son had more obvious health challenges. Boys in general tend to be more sensitive, but I see now it was during his pregnancy that I had the amalgam removal and antibiotic usage. He was born with jaundice and experienced digestive discomfort and colic from the very beginning. A few days after his first set of vaccinations he experienced a severe bout of croup. It was the fall, and colds and cough were going around. Being a busy mom and unable to see the full truth, I wrote it off as a symptom of the season.

It came time for my son’s second set of infant vaccinations, and my daughter was due for her first MMR. As many young moms do, I dutifully took them to the routine pediatric check-up and submitted to the vaccinations. I requested no Varicella vaccine for my daughter that day, but then later realized it was listed on the vaccine record as being done anyway. My daughter seemed exceptionally cranky that afternoon after returning home, but fell asleep early with a low grade fever and slept through the night. The next day, my daughter woke early crying and cranky. Later that day, I found her banging her head on the wall of her bedroom (which I learned later is a sign of gut pain). To add to the drama, my son awoke that day with a severe case croup — worse than the first case 3 months earlier. Life was once again saying to me “Wake up and pay attention.”

I am so grateful now for this jolt to my life. My children didn’t know it, but they were steering the ship for me and righting my compromised course. I started finding out the truth for myself: reading books and researching all I could about vaccinations risks and the effects of other toxic exposures including overuse of antibiotics, metals, chemicals and processed, chemically-laden foods.

Years later, after working with hundreds of children impacted by vaccine and toxin injury, I can see the visual signs of toxic overload — how the skin appears, the facial features, the formation of the jaw, the gait. I can see that my children were sitting on the edge of the cliff. When I work with parents of autistic children, I realize I could have been just like them and I feel a deep resonance and a connection with them and their children. I am so grateful for the healing capacity of the body. I believe we have a loving creator and our bodies are made to heal if they have the right support and information.

When my children were young, our financial situation was tight and the prospect of paying for homeopathic treatment for myself and my children was quite challenging. I was motivated to learn homeopathy and empower myself to take care of my family. I began studying more intently and in the next few years I completed my first degree in homeopathy. I was very blessed to mentor with my homeopath’s assistant, Donna Dominey, D.I. Hom, and then pursue advanced training in sequential homeopathy with the Houston School of Homeopathy/Homeopathy Center of Houston.

My children were my first teachers and I was able to learn my skills by practicing on them over the years. Handling all their acute health ailments, and then clearing their vaccines and other childhood and pre-birth exposure, including miasms, gave me a front seat to their rapid improvement while gaining confidence in my skills. My daughter had experienced a significant speech delay and had articulation challenges that required speech therapy. Although she had a few words early on, her verbal communication was very limited and she preferred using sign language until I started clearing her vaccines. Diet changes and homeopathy resolved her gut issues and her ear infections resolved permanently. I just smile to myself when I remember her pediatrician telling me I would “have no choice but to have tubes put in.” Actually, there is a better way.

My son had health challenges, gut issues, and was ill with coughs and colds often. When we stopped all vaccinations and began to clear them homeopathically, his health improved quickly. However, early on he had trouble focusing and did not have any interest in learning.  I had cleared all his vaccines but then began to look beyond his own timeline. I chose to clear the MMR with him — a vaccine he did not ever physically receive. (He would have had exposure to my daughter’s vaccine and then of course, I had the MMR which was passed to him through my DNA.) I noticed the most profound improvements in his health and learning, after clearing MMR for him. After the MMR clearing, his facial features changed, his focus improved, and I noticed some infrequent tics he been having just disappeared. He had more peace in his eyes and his jaw softened, he stopped grinding his teeth at night. He finally began learning letters and then it seemed he began to read overnight. I remember his school teacher asking me what I had done, she assumed many hours of tutoring at home. I smiled and knew it was God at work through the homeopathic clearings.


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