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COMING IN OCTOBER on Thursdays, a six-week web-based workshop designed to allow parents to help their children reach their potential. Topics to include:

  • Introduction to homeopathy (Classical and Sequential) and what it can do for your child
  • New remedies especially helpful for ASD challenges
  • In-depth help for acute health needs such as colds & flu, coughs, sore throats/earaches, injuries, as well as children’s complaints such as teething, colic and bed wetting
  • Nutrition/diet to optimize healing and strategies to improve digestive health
  • Overview of muscle testing, energy healing techniques, and specific tips for supporting meridian and chakra balance
  • Ways to improve sleep, support emotional balance, and decrease anger and anxiety
  • Overview of healing methods to help with social connection, focus, and language
  • For more information, go to https://energyhealinghomeopathy.wordpress.com/author/jenstebel/ or email questions to energyhealinghomeopathy@gmail.com

Investment is $238. Starting on October 22nd. Remaining dates and times coming soon. Feel free to email or comment if there is a particular topic you would like addressed that you do not see listed above. Thanks for reading!


Jen in script


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