“Often the pain we feel is the breaking of the shell that encloses us.”

– Baron Baptiste


I am grateful for the experience of Lyme. It sounds backwards, but Lyme was the blessing that set me free. It set me free from my old ways of being, unhelpful beliefs, and limitations. I am grateful for the healing tools I learned during the healing process: a new way to use homeopathy, herbs and plants, nutrition and healing with foods, vibrational healing and subtle energy alignment, energy medicine, lightwork, prayer and meditation, mindfulness, and gratitude.

I am so grateful to be healed and I know that if it happened for me, it can happen for anyone, whatever the chronic disease name may be. Accepting life’s challenges and pain with gratitude and curiosity can allow us to open up and receive the grace of healing which I believe is truly offered to everyone who chooses to receive.

Things I learned in the school of Lyme:

1. Listen to the wisdom of the body.

2. Gifts are not always wrapped in pretty packages – sometimes the best gifts of all are in a crumpled paper bag. Gratitude for all things brings true peace and joy.

3. Letting go of the life we planned allows us to accept the better life that is waiting for us; life is a continual process of doing this over and over again. Strength is found when we EMBRACE the constant changes of life instead of pushing against them.

4. I can live without the things I always thought I could not live without – and life without them is better than life with them! True joy is found in letting go of what we think we need, so we can accept the best things.

5. Symptoms are not punishment, but doorways to truth, learning, healing and freedom.

6. God really is LOVE, really is HERE, and really does HEAL.

7. There are no limits except those we place on ourselves. Life conforms to our beliefs. If we belive we are sick and hold onto “the diagnosis” – whatever label it is – we will keep getting more of the same. If we believe we can heal, then we CAN. Healing, living, loving and the love of the Divine have no limits, none at all.

8. “We hold the past in our body – let it dissolve.” ~~ Baron Baptiste ~~ The past can dissolve when we choose love, forgiveness, gratitude, and truth. But we have to really choose it at the deepest level, really choose it in not only thought, but in the fabric that weaves through our life.

9. We are all here in the world with a Divine plan, a soul purpose.

10. I am here, and so are you, to make a difference. There is no better time than now.





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