“The highest ideal of cure is the rapid, gentle and permanent restoration of health; that is, the lifting and annihilation of the disease in its entire extent in the shortest, most reliable, and least disadvantageous way, according to clearly realizable principles.”

— Hahnemann, from Organon of the Medical Art


Homeopathy was discovered over 200 years ago by German physician Dr. Samuel Hahnemann (1755-1843) however, the basis of homeopathy has been around since the ancient times. Homeopathy is popular and widely practiced all over Europe, South America, and India because it has proved to be effective throughout almost two centuries of practice. Today we are seeing a resurgence of interest in homeopathy in the U.S. as alternatives to traditional medicine gain new acceptance.

Homeopathy is a method of self-healing assisted by small doses of natural remedies and practiced by licensed physicians and other health professionals throughout the world.

Core beliefs in homeopathy:

  • The body continually tries to heal itself. Homeopathy simply assists in that process. Homeopathy works energetically, as it stimulates your body’s own vital force and re-establishes balance in the entire being.
  • Homeopathy treats the whole person and not just the symptoms of the disease.
  • Homeopathy is based on the belief that like cures like which is referred to in homeopathy as the “Law of Similars.” The Law of Similars states that the same substance that produces disease symptoms in a healthy person, when given in concentrated doses, can also cure a sick person with similar symptoms, when given in very diluted form.
  • Vital Force is the body’s guiding intelligence; the body’s “energy level.” Properly prescribed homeopathy enhances the vital force.
  • Health is a state of freedom at three levels – physical, emotional, and mental.
  • Symptoms are the outward and visible signs of the inward disturbance of the vital force which causes disease. If you remove the disturbance in vital force, the disease will go away (based on Principles and Art of Cure by Homeopathy, author H.A. Roberts).

Unlike western medicines with their many side effects, in homeopathy, less is more—the remedies are so highly diluted that the treatment yields no side effects and is safe even for babies, animals, and pregnant women. Homeopathy can treat minor or acute problems as well as chronic and long-term ailments.

For examples of how homeopathy has helped people I’ve worked with who had both chronic and acute symptoms click here.







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