Corn - I'm in everything.

Many times, my clients will tell me that a gluten-free diet did not improve their health in any noticeable way. However, when I ask them a few follow-up questions, I often discover what may be the reason they did not see their negative symptoms improve. One of the biggest reasons for this is that people who go on a gluten-free diet tend to begin eating large amounts of corn.

Corn is in virtually all of the pre-packaged gluten-free foods (they contain corn gluten or corn byproducts). In addition, corn is used in the production of sweeteners, shampoos, soaps, plastics, fuels, etc.  On top of that, all of our domesticated farm animals are fed staple diets of genetically modified corn. The only way to avoid eating corn in your beef is to buy grass-fed. It is easy to see why the typical American is eating an over-abundance of corn in their diet.

Since 1978, there have been a number of studies investigating whether or not corn gluten is a problem for patients with gluten sensitivity.  There are multiple studies showing that corn has a negative effect on patients with celiac disease. Here is a quote from a recent study:

“Maize is used as an alternative to wheat to elaborate foodstuffs for celiac patients in a gluten-free diet. However, some maize prolamins (zeins) contain amino acid sequences that resemble the wheat gluten immunodominant peptides… “

At this point there is ample evidence to consider corn gluten as a major contributor to gluten related illnesses. Regardless of gluten content, a diet high in corn is not conducive to good healing.  A TRUE gluten-free diet eliminates all forms of gluten – including corn gluten.

If you even remotely suspect that you may be sensitive to gluten, I urge you to give the gluten-free diet a try (including the elimination of corn). Sadly, statistics show that those with gluten sensitivity will go on to develop 7 + autoimmune diseases in their lifetime.

In my next post, I will discuss another hidden source of gluten for those attempting to follow a gluten-free diet. Stay tuned.



Source: Gluten Free Society


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