The concept and theory of miasms originated in the field of homeopathy almost 200 years ago. German physician Samuel Hahnemann, the founder of homeopathy, introduced the term miasm in his book, The Chronic Diseases, published in 1828. His miasm theory was the result of 12 years of painstaking work on the most difficult chronic cases in his clinical practice, in addition to his own historical research into the diseases of man.

As are most new and ground-breaking ideas, the introduction of his miasm theory was met with much skepticism. However, over the years the theory has been studied and embraced by healers around the world.

What is a miasm?

  • A miasm is an inherited weakness or an underlying predisposition to chronic illness. In other words, it is a generational susceptibility to an ongoing pattern of disease.
  • Miasms are specific energy frequencies that affect the entire person – they affect body systems, emotions, chakras, cells and cell surface receptors.
  • A miasm can be thought of as a vibrational field or frequency that underlies – or gives energy to — disease patterns in a person’s life.
  • These underlying energy frequencies perpetuate a pattern of illness (which could be physical, mental, emotional, or spiritual) even after all known measures have been taken to correct the individual’s health issues.

Who has miasms?

Miasms apply to everyone – we all carry miasms in a dormant or latent state. They can be activated or awakened in a person’s life through various circumstances such as:

  • stress
  • physical or emotional trauma
  • acute illness

How do people acquire miasms in the first place?

Hahnemann believed that miasms were driven into the DNA (or genetically imprinted) as a result of many of the suppressive therapies commonly used in his day. Hahnemann explained that suppressive therapies drive the disease deeper into the system, allowing for a more chronic condition to be created and exacerbated. Examples of suppressive therapies used today are:

  • Prescription drugs (antivirals, etc.)
  • Antibiotics
  • Steroid creams/shots

To understand this better lets look at a concrete example. Steroid creams are commonly used today to treat skin eruptions such as eczema, poison ivy, or other forms of allergic skin reactions or rashes. However, the nature of steroids is simply to short-circuit the immune response. The root issue – whatever is causing the rash (such as a virus, an allergen, or bacteria for example) – is not eliminated from the body or cured by the steroid. Instead, the body’s reaction to it is suppressed, or turned off.

A healthy body will try to expel a virus through the skin – the skin is a direct exit route on the surface of the body. But when steroids are used, the cause of the skin issue is suppressed and driven deeper into the system. The skin is our largest detoxification organ and will help bear the load of the liver and kidneys when they are over-burdened. However, if a virus for example, is attempting to exit through the skin, what do you think will happen when its exit path is shut down? If the cause (the virus for example) is unable to move upward through the skin, it will have to find a new place to rest in the body.

You see, the skin would be the best way out of the body, but if its pathway is blocked, the virus has to go somewhere else. The virus has no other choice but to go deeper into the system.

One common pattern seen when skin eruptions are suppressed over time is lung congestion. In medical literature, there is a link seen between suppressed eczema and lung problems such as croup, asthma symptoms, and so forth. The point here is that when disease is suppressed, deeper issues are created, and miasms can be activated or created as well.

How many miasms are there?

There are five primary miasms and several secondary miasms. The five primary miasms are:

  • Psoric
  • Sycotic
  • Syphilitic
  • Tubercular
  • Cancer

Miasms explained – Part 2

In part two of this post, I will give an overview of what the five primary miasms are, their symptoms, and how treating them can improve your health and get to the root cause of chronic disease.





  1. Aabhishek Bedi Varma

    Wow!! This was a great find on the internet..I am just curious.how is the diagnosis done? our entire family is against allopathy and we firmly follow homeopathy at home..so if i were to be under any of these categories should i ask my doc?

    1. Is your doctor a professional homeopath? Homeopaths do not “diagnose” but we ask specific questions about symptoms, likes/dislikes, personality traits, strengths and weaknesses to find the most appropriate remedy. Many current day homeopaths believe that we are all impacted in some way by each miasm. In my practice I follow the teachings of Swiss sequential homeopath, Jean Elmiger, and use a very gentle protocol to clear all the miasms for each client. Clearing genetic weaknesses and inherited tendencies in this way greatly improves health and overall immune response.

      1. Anonymous

        Yes he is :)he does the same things that you described
        Just wanted a second opinion on how much time it could take to cure and what other complications are involved in any type of miasm.

      2. Each person is unique depending on their family of origin, childhood development, personality, and lifestyle habits to name a few. After personally healing of Lyme disease and working with hundreds of clients over the past 10 years, I have found that each individual’s level of consciousness is the one things that has the greatest impact in eventual recovery and the amount of time it takes. We all have much more power to affect our lives than we have been led to believe by medical and other institutional systems in society. Symptoms exist and take root in the “gap” of consciousness. The gap of what we believe about our life versus what is really TRUE. Homeopathy, and especially deep acting remedies such as those used to release miasma, assists in incredible ways to shift energy, open awareness and begin to shift consciousness. The power of homeopathy is exponentially multiplied when we open ourselves to truth, learn to feel and express our emotions, love ourselves, embrace our spiritual path, listen to our heart’s voice, and find our purpose in life. All of these things greatly reduce “the time it takes” for anyone’s healing! Homeopathy is energy and information, consciousness is our hidden power within.

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