More people than ever are seeking natural health remedies that are safe and effective. The truth is that all living organisms are created with the innate ability to heal. When you cut your finger, you do not have to tell your body what to do. Healing begins on its own and your body orchestrates the process without any outside guidance. This is true for all organs and tissues.

Modern life, however, has created challenges that are staggering and quite difficult for the body to overcome on its own. Environmental toxins, pesticides, over-medication (such as over-use of antibiotics), the SAD (Standard American Diet and the unhealthy propagandized Food Pyramid, food additives and genetically modified foods (GMOs) are only just a few. However, there are answers to overcome the madness.

With the correct nutrition, information and tools, natural healing is achievable. Natural healing that is deep and permanent takes time and effort, but there is great reward when we take responsibility for our own health, respect our body’s innate healing abilitites, and provide for ourselves the tools and energy needed to heal.

If you are seeking true health and natural ways to support your body and mind on your healing journey, you have come to the right place. This blog is a work in progress, so look forward to many additions and much new information in upcoming weeks and months. My goal here is to inspire, educate and assist you on your path of healing.

The mainstream medical approach focuses on suppressing symptoms instead of allowing the body to rebalance and heal. If you have regular migraines and can’t function without that prescription drug you take for them, you might be thinking, “What’s so wrong with suppressing those symptoms?”

Well, here’s the deal. By continually suppressing symptoms without looking for and removing the underlying cause it becomes easy to ignore the real problem. The migraine symptoms are simply the alarm your body is using to get your attention. If that alarm is silenced, the underlying cause (diet, toxin load, nutritional deficiencies, gut dysfunction and dysbiosis … or whatever the cause may be) is allowed to fester and even grow stronger eventually bringing more harm in the longrun than the original migraine symptoms ever could.

Additionally, we are all becoming more and more aware of adverse drug reactions and side effects. Often with prescription medication we trade in one problem for 2 or 3 new ones, all the while putting an extra heavy burden on our liver to process these chemical compounds that are synthetic and foreign to our body.

There are many ways to help your body achieve true healing. As you explore this blog, my hope is that you will find a few ideas that will work for you right now and move you forward in your health journey.


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